Chaplain Program

Burnett Medical Center's (BMC) Chaplain Program provides professional pastoral care to patients and Continuing Care Center residents.

Area clergy visit BMC on a rotational, volunteer basis to provide help, encouragement, and comfort as requested. There is a strong correlation between spiritual and emotional health and improvements in a patient's physical health. Burnett Medical Center works with local pastors to achieve that goal.

Chaplains visit BMC two to three times a week to see patients, residents, and their families in the hospital and Continuing Care Center. When the chaplain first visits a patient or resident, they ask whether the patient has a church connection in the area. With the patient's permission, a chaplain can inform and involve the patient's pastor. Beyond that, chaplains provide comfort and encouragement by reading Scripture, praying, and even meeting basic needs in emergency situations, such as contacting relatives or arranging transportation. The chaplains also provide a listening ear for family members, staff, and ambulance crews.

For more information about the Chaplain Program at Burnett Medical Center, or to learn more about participating in the program as a chaplain, please contact Pastor Brian Krause at 715-689-2125.