Foot and Nail Care

Foot and Nail Care services meet both routine and advanced foot care needs of patients in Burnett and neighboring counties.

Appointments last about one hour and returning appointments are typically scheduled every 8 weeks. At each visit, patients can receive a foot soak; clipping and debriding of nails; care of thick nails, calluses, and corns; and a moisturizing treatment.

During the appointment, if more serious issues are identified requiring further attention such as ingrown toenails, ulcerations, or infection in the nails or feet, patients can be referred to a Podiatry Specialist or one of BMC's Family Practice Providers. "We are delighted BMC is offering this service to patients," said Dr. Vincent Simone, visiting Podiatrist. "We look forward to the opportunity to offer our expertise in addressing more advanced foot care issues that may arise." With a full team of foot care experts, BMC is excited to provide this important service to our community."

Foot and nail care services are provided by Ann Nelson, RN, and Nancy Severson-Dickinson, LPN. The services are offered Monday afternoons, every other Friday mornings, and all day every Wednesday at BMC for a fee of $25 per session. Insurance will not be billed for services. Payment by cash, check, or credit card will be due at the time of service.

Appointments for Foot and Nail Care can be made by calling Burnett Medical Center at 715-463-5353.

Gift certificates are available.