Burnett Medical Center Foundation

The Burnett Medical Center Foundation is a non-profit public organization whose mission is to inspire community philanthropy to advance exceptional healthcare for patients at Burnett Medical Center.

Burnett Medical Center has a rich history of quality health care and it is our intent to build on the past as we look to the future. Monies generated through fund raising activities, grants and philanthropic support (gifts and bequests) will be prudently utilized in support of our mission. Our objective is to preserve and expand the hospital's program offerings that will benefit all area facility and services users.

(PICTURED - Front row (L to R): Joe Lando, Charlie Faught, Gordy Lewis, Jim Olson, Stan Peer
Back row (L to R): Betty Peer, Kristie Hjort, Lois Carlson, Sally Craven, Chris Erickson, Kirsten Dawson, Alma Karels, Liz Myers, Betty Olson)

Why Should I Give?

Your financial support can help meet un-budgeted needs for equipment and items that BMC would not normally be able to acquire.

The Foundation will ensure that health care is available locally for all area citizens.

Your contributions help support a non-profit healthcare organization designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Your donations are tax deductible.

Your gifts may be the support needed by yourself or loved ones in the future.

Current Initiatives and Goals

During the first nine years of the Foundation's existence they have raised over $252,000 of funding for orthopedic surgery equipment, patient room enhancements, updates to the Continuing Care Center including an Apollo Advantage bathing system, a new digitized radiography suite, a high definition colonoscope, and an automatic CPR device and Stryker stretcher cart for the Emergency Department. The funding has been raised through the generous gifting grant of the Otto Bremer Foundation, Farmers Independent Telephone Company, Nexen Group, Inc., and events such as the Foundation Valentine's Dinner, Golf Tournament, and our annual giving appeals.

Funding raised will enhance healthcare in our hometown area for meeting the needs of you and your loved ones. We want our communities to know that every dollar we raise is designed to improve the Medical Center and we remain committed to that concept. Furthermore, all gifts to this non-profit foundation are tax deductible. Your support is appreciated.

Other Initiatives and Goals

It is the goal of the BMC Foundation to raise significant funds each and every year to meet the needs of our communities and the user in the area. None of us ever knows when we or our family members will be the next ones needing those facilities and the services of the care givers, the life we enhance or save may be our own.

Currently there is significant work being done to identify prospective grants that our Foundation can apply for which would be applicable to BMC needs. There is also groundwork being laid to pave the way for individuals to bequeath monies to the Foundation for continued enhancement of BMC equipment and facilities. Our eventual goal is the establishment of an endowment fund which would provide a consistent avenue of financial assistance for the needs of BMC.

               Burnett Medical Center
               257 West. St. George Ave.
               Grantsburg, Wisconsin 54840

BMC Foundation Members

               Board of Directors:
               Chris Erickson, President
               Sally Craven, Vice President
               Charlie Faught, Secretary/Treasurer
               Stan Peer
               Suzanne Vitale

               Community Representatives:
               Joan Allaman
               Dave Dahlberg
               Kirsten Dawson
               Kristie Hjort
               Alma Karels
               Joe Lando
               Liz Myers
               Betty Olson
               Jim Olson
               Betty Peer