cardiac services

Burnett Medical Center’s Cardiac Services Department helps people who have experienced recent cardiac events. These services include:

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a structured program of monitored exercise and education designed to guide participants towards achieving their optimal physical, psychological, and social abilities with lifestyle modification and peer support. The program is open to anyone with cardiovascular disease and has had an event such as coronary stents, coronary bypass surgery, heart attack, heart valve repair or replacement, heart failure, and others. A referral by a physician is needed to participate in the cardiac rehabilitation program.

Cardiac rehabilitation usually starts soon after a cardiac event. The program is about 12 weeks long and is individualized to meet each participant's specific needs and goals. If you are interested in the program, are a candidate, or have questions, please contact 715-463-7481.

Stress Test

The Cardiac Services Department also performs several different stress tests. One common stress test is the Cardiolite stress test, which is performed in conjunction with Shared Medical Technology. These are specialized tests that take about four hours to complete using nuclear imaging with the EKG. We also perform Stress Echo's in conjunction with Minneapolis Heart Institute. If you have any questions regarding stress tests, please call 715-463-7481

Heart Monitors

The Cardiac Services Department provides Holter, Event, and Zio patch monitors. Each of these monitors are small, portable devices that record your heart's electrical activity for a length of time while you do your normal activities. They record the rhythm of the heart to determine how fast it is beating, if it is regular or irregular, and the strength and timing of the impulses in your heart to help physicians diagnose an irregular heartbeat or check whether treatments are working. If you have any questions, please contact 715-463-7481

Anticoagulation Clinic

The Anticoagulation Clinic enables people on warfarin (coumadin) to have their international normalized ratio (INR) level drawn by a finger stick. During the appointment, the patient will receive warfarin dosing instructions, have any questions answered, and have another INR appointment scheduled. A referral by a physician is needed to participate in the Anticoagulation Clinic. If you are on warfarin and are interested in the clinic or have questions, please contact the Anticoagulation Clinic at 715-463-7401.