We take pride in the superior care delivered to our patients here at Burnett Medical Center in Grantsburg in our medical/surgical inpatient care unit. When you are admitted to our facility in Grantsburg, your inpatient medical and surgical team may include, physicians, nurses, imaging technicians, therapists, dietitians, pharmacists, and social workers. Your team is dedicated to your specific needs while you are here. Whether you are here for post-surgical care or pneumonia, know our nursing staff is committed to providing you excellent care close to your home and loved ones.


Swing Bed

The inpatient Medical/Surgical Department provides the Grantsburg area transitional inpatient care for those who need more time to recover from surgery, illness, or injury, or who need pain management or wound treatment. The Swing Bed Program focuses on rehabilitation and skilled nursing care to prepare patients for a safer, healthier return to their previous living situation.

To qualify, patients must be under the supervision of a physician, require daily skilled services, and have a three-day hospital stay prior to entering the Swing Bed Program.

Swing Bed services are available through Medicare Part A and other insurances.

For more information on the Swing Bed Program, please contact Burnett Medical Center's Social Services Department at 715-463-7278.