patient family advisory council

Burnett Medical Center’s Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) offers a unique opportunity where we partner with our patients and their families to improve the patient experience. PFAC is comprised of community members and is currently soliciting more members. Members will be selected through an application process. The application can be downloaded here.

Qualified candidates must have:

  • Experience as a BMC patient or family member in the past year.
  • Time to attend quarterly meetings, or more frequently if applicable.
  • Ability to make decisions as a group and support the decisions of the council.

Responsibilities of the PFAC are:

  • To share information, ideas and concerns relating to BMC and its healthcare services.
  • To assist in promoting positive relationships between BMC and members of the community.
  • To channel information, needs and concerns to BMC administration and staff.
  • To be consultants in making recommendations concerns, decisions, and plans that affect BMC patients and families.
  • To be "the voice of the patient and their family."

An initial term of active membership consists of two years, renewable yearly for up to six years. If appointed, the member must complete a background check, employee health clearance and orientation process.


Burnett Medical Center is committed to partnering with patients and families to assist us with creating a patient-centered approach to the care we deliver every day. We recognize that in order to best serve the patients and families in our community, it is important for us to include patients and families in the decision-making process.

For more information, please contact the marketing director at 715-463-7285.