Adult Day Services

Burnett Medical Center’s Adult Day Services

Enhancing the Lives of Seniors In Grantsburg

Burnett Medical Center is proud to provide the community of Grantsburg with the Adult Day Services program. This program is specially tailored to senior citizens who value their independence but may be missing the company of their peers, or seniors who could benefit from social activities and group outings. This program serves as a valuable respite for both your loved one and you. Caregivers or family members can go to work, run errands, or attend to their own needs while ensuring their senior loved one receives safe and expert care. Caregiving is hard. Let our team in Grantsburg help.

adult day services

Our Adult Day Services program serves as an ideal solution for seniors who prefer to spend their nights at home but wish to participate in daytime social activities. We acknowledge the importance of social interaction in maintaining mental health and overall well-being, particularly in the senior years. This is why our senior day care program in Grantsburg is thoughtfully crafted to nurture an environment that promotes socialization, interaction, and enjoyment.

The structure of our senior day care program in Grantsburg ensures that every participant feels welcomed and valued. Each day brings new opportunities for seniors to participate in recreational activities that stimulate both their minds and bodies. Our dedicated staff provides personalized attention, further enhancing each participant’s experience at BMC.
The Adult Day Services program costs $70.00 per day and includes:

  • Nutritious meals and snacks that accommodate special dietary needs
  • Assistance with daily living activities like bathing and dressing
  • Opportunities for physical and cognitive stimulation
  • Social activities including games, movies, music, and more
  • Group outings during certain times of the year
  • A safe and supportive environment
  • Supervision by trained healthcare professionals

At BMC, we firmly believe that everyone, regardless of age, should lead a fulfilling life. Our Adult Day Services program in Grantsburg embodies this belief by providing a platform where seniors can engage in various activities, share experiences, and form new friendships. It’s more than just a daytime retreat; it’s a vibrant community of individuals sharing common interests and life experiences.

To learn more about our Adult Day Services senior care program in Grantsburg’s Burnett Medical Center, please contact Social Services at 715-463-7278

For tips on how to care for the caregiver, visit CaringBridge to learn more.