BMC Converts to a New Electronic Health Record System


On November 12, 2023, BMC converted its electronic health record software system to Epic, the number one electronic health record software company in the country. Epic will allow BMC to communicate better with other Epic facilities. 

An electronic health record is a digital version of a patient’s medical history. It includes basic identifying information, past medical history, immunizations, lab data, radiology reports, progress notes and more. An electronic health record allows healthcare facilities to share medical information easily and securely for better patient care.  

What are the benefits of Epic?

  • All your health information is accessible to all other Epic facilities through Epic’s Care Everywhere network. If you receive care from another healthcare facility that has an EPIC system, your patient information will be easily accessed in its entirety. This eliminates the need to repeat health history to new medical providers including lab work, medications, x-rays, allergies, and all other health-related information. Whether you are in the hospital or talking to your primary care provider, your entire health record is available to your care team.
  • Your healthcare team will have secure access to centrally located information, providing improved patient care and quality by reducing the risk of errors and duplication of services. This provides a better continuity of care for you, the patient.
  • Epic allows for faster diagnostics and decisions by your healthcare provider because there is no paperwork to wait for and tests are received quicker and more efficiently.
  • Some of your health information, like test results, follow-up instructions and appointments, will be available online through the MyChart patient portal.

CEO of BMC, Gordy Lewis, says “The conversion to Epic will greatly benefit our patients. We will be able to seamlessly communicate with other Epic facilities, ultimately delivering better patient care no matter where you are. Our staff have been diligently training to prepare for this transition. They already love what they see, and they are excited to roll out the benefits to our community.”

Please be aware that there may be delays at first in our registration process as staff adjust to the new system. This should only last for a short time after our go-live date in November. As staff become more familiar with the workflow, the process will ultimately be quicker and should routinely only take a few minutes. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we make this transition in the upcoming months.