Grantsburg Telcom Donates to the Burnett Medical Center Foundation

The Burnett Medical Center Foundation is a non-profit public organization whose mission is to inspire community philanthropy to advance exceptional healthcare for patients at Burnett Medical Center. During the first nine years of the Foundation's existence, they have raised over $252,000 which has been provided to Burnett Medical Center for the purchase of new equipment and facility improvements. These funds have been raised through grants from other foundations, gifts from businesses, individual philanthropists in the community, and as a result of community fund-raising events such as their annual golf tournament or the Valentine's Day banquet.

One of the local businesses that continues to graciously donate to the Burnett Medical Center Foundation is Grantsburg Telcom. This year Grantsburg Telcom has not only donated to the Foundation's annual fundraiser, the Valentine's Day banquet, but also decided to donate another $500! This funding will go towards specific orthopedic operating room table attachments so Burnett Medical Center can offer shoulder surgery through the expertise of Dr. Patrick Hall, Burnett Medical Center's Orthopedic Specialist.

Jim Olson, President of the Burnett Medical Center Foundation, stated, "Quality healthcare is important to having a vital community. We are so appreciative of the local businesses and community members who have been so generous in their giving to help advance exceptional healthcare for the Burnett Medical Center Community."

Funding raised will enhance healthcare in our hometown area for meeting the community's needs. "We want our communities to know that every dollar we raise is designed to improve the Medical Center and we remain committed to that concept," says Olson. Furthermore, all gifts to this non-profit foundation are tax deductible.

If you would like to donate or want more information about the Foundation, please contact Burnett Medical Center at 715-463-7285.