Living Life to the Fullest: How To Safely Prevent Injuries in Older Adults While Pursuing the Activities You Love

Aging is a natural process, but it comes with setbacks like being more prone to injury. Because of this, many older adults may be unable to enjoy their favorite hobbies. You may become hesitant because you’re scared to fall, slip, or hurt yourself in other ways. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent injuries in older adults.

Safely Prevent Injuries By:

1. Getting Regular Exercise

Doing consistent and correct exercises helps you maintain muscle strength and flexibility. With stronger and bigger muscles, you have more protection for your joints. Having good musculature also helps with stability and overall physicality.

2. Wearing the Appropriate Gear

The right gear makes it easier for you to do your hobbies. For example, shoes with cushioning and the right design makes jogging more comfortable. In addition, the right gear protects you from the sun, rain, and hot or cold temperatures.

Legs of elderly senior woman in sporty shoes practicing nordic walking, concept of healthy sporty lifestyles in old age

3. Knowing Your Body’s Limits 

If there’s one thing you should absolutely avoid, it’s pushing your body too hard. Don’t try to compete with younger individuals. Otherwise, you could experience unpleasant consequences like fatigue and chronic pain. Our advice is to listen to your body and know when to stop.

4. Change Intense Activities

If exercise like running makes you run out of breath quickly, there’s no shame in using an alternative exercise. A more gentle activity — like jogging or power walking — can provide you with the same benefits without the high intensity.

5. Schedule Regular Checkups

Doctors can evaluate your current physical condition. Based on their findings, you can ask them things you can do or avoid to prevent physical injury. 

Aging doesn’t have to be a hindrance to living a full life. You can still do your favorite activities without worrying too much about hurting yourself. Our team of providers and therapists are here to help you accomplish your lifestyle goals, prevent injuries and keep your care a priority.