Same Name, New Logo


Burnett Medical Center is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand identity, redesigned logo, and updated website. These changes come at a time when Burnett Medical Center is working diligently to evolve the patient and employee experience.


In the process of designing the new logo and developing the new brand identity, Burnett Medical Center sought feedback from various audiences, including patients, employees, community members, and other stakeholders. The goal was to create a new brand identity that better represents the community’s perception of Burnett Medical Center while reflecting the organization’s growth. Ultimately, the new logo design was chosen because it speaks to the relationship between Burnett Medical Center’s patients, caregivers, and the community.


Designed to work effortlessly and look consistent across multiple advertising channels, the new logo better reflects Burnett Medical Center’s modern, clean, professional environment and services. Using color theory, blue was chosen to show trustworthiness. Purple evokes a feeling of compassion and comfort. The icon design characterizes the letters ‘B’, ‘M’, and ’C’, while the ‘M’ can also be interpreted as an EKG reading further representing healthcare.


The newly redesigned website features easy-to-navigate pages and updated messaging. The visual design showcases Burnett Medical Center’s modern appearance, while also highlighting the high quality, professional services our patients can expect to receive. The layout is structured to provide a seamless user experience.


Transition to the new logo will occur over the next several months, beginning with a new advertising campaign and a new website. The rest of the rebranding is expected to be finalized this summer and implemented this fall/winter.


“While our name remains the same, our logo and website have changed significantly to better represent who Burnett Medical Center is and what we bring to our community,” said Halle Pardun, Director of Marketing at Burnett Medical Center.


Burnett Medical Center partnered with local marketing agency, North of Eight Design & Marketing on the development of the new brand identity.